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[Request Details]
*Requested At: 2021-05-17 09:34:25
*Item Name: Modern Hanbok
*Item Description: White and red modern Handbok
*Store Name:
*Product URL:
*QTY: 1
*Color/Version: White and Red
*Size: EU dress size 38

[Payment Details]
*Service Charge: € 7,20
*Payment Method: Wise(Transferwise)

You will receive a minimum of two options for the requested item and a second payment will be issued following your choice.
The second payment will include:
– Item Price
– Domestic shipping cost (if appliable)
– 10% of the product value(Excluding pre-paid amount)

[when the service request is completed]
*Request Status will be updated to ‘Completed’ with email notification.

[Order Status]
2021-05-17 09:34:25 – Pending Payment

17.05.2021 13:36:36 – Processing

17/05/2021 14:46:56 – Confirmation Pending

Suggested items for the requested item(s)
Item Price: 11,02
Item Price: 12,87
Note: Unfortunately, we could not find a set for modern Hanbok but only separated part for the upper part(Jeogori) and the bottom part(Chima). We would love to suggest you match these two items for a modern Hanbok set with red and white colour.

We have selected the best items from Korean websites. Please check our suggestions and let us know which one you would like to order with the request number through our Live-Chat or email.

20/05/2021 15:21:39 – Second Payment Pending

2021-05-21T14:30:16.994Z – Second Payment Pending

[Second Payment Information]
Item Price: 30Euro
Service Charge: Euro
Total Amount: 30Euro
*Please check your email for the payment information.

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