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[Request Details]
*Requested At: 2021-09-01 22:24:13
*Requested Package: honngcha-568
*Item:A.C:E. – Album (Siren:Dawn), BTS – Album (Butter)
*Item Value: 23.62
*QTY: 2
*Total Price: 52956.04Dollar(USD)
*Color/Version: Any
*Size: Any
*Wished part: BTS – Butter: Photocard and message card only; A.C.E – Siren:Dawn: all inclusions except sticker sheet
*Rest?: If possible please donate or gift the albums!
*More Details: BTS Butter includes one random photocard, one random message card (white with the member’s name), one standee, one polaroid and one sticker sheet but I want to forward the random photocard and the random message card only.
A.C.E Siren:Dawn includes one selfie photocard, one lenticular, one double sided photocard and if it’s still a first press, one polaroid and one sticker sheet. I want to forward every inclusion (included first press polaroid if still available) except the sticker sheet.

Thank you!

[Payment Details]
*Service Charge: 7.90
*Payment Method: Wise(Transferwise)

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*Request Status will be updated to ‘Completed’ with email notification.

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2021-09-01 22:24:13 – Pending Payment

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