Request #650: K-Payment





[Request Details]
*Requested At: 2021-09-08 16:35
*Store Name: MusicKorea
*Item Name: 현아&던(HyunA & DAWN) – 1+1=1
*Product URL: http://musickorea.asia/Mobile/Product/Detail/view/pid/116317/cid/
*Item Description: CD album
*QTY: 11
*Color/Version: 현아&던(HyunA & DAWN) – 1+1=1
*Currency: Won(KRW)
*Total Price: 17900
*Shipping cost(Domestic): 0
*Wished Payment method: None
*Additional Info:

—–Express K-Payment——
Express paymemt required?: Yes(+Express K-Payment: 10% of item value. Min. 8,00 Euro)
Date: Until September 9, 2021
Time: in Korean time

[Payment Details]
*Service Charge: 166.63
*Payment Method: PayPal (Additional €5,00 Service fee charged by PayPal)

[when the service request is completed]
*Request Status will be updated to ‘Completed’ with email notification.
*The purchased item will be added to ‘My Packages>All Packages’ as ‘Sophie J-P650’ after this order is completed.

[Order Status]
2021-09-08 16:35 – Pending Payment

08/09/2021 16:36:00 – Processing

08.09.2021 19:46:28 – Completed
This order has been successfully completed.

The proceeded package is ‘Sophie J-P650’.
You can find the package and its content in ‘My Packages>All Packages’.

Thank you for using the K-Payment service.

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