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[Request Details]
*Requested At: 2021-09-19 14:26:35
*Requested Package: orbitflare-498
*Item:Dreamcatcher-Album [Summer Holiday]
*Item Value: 17000
*QTY: 6
*Total Price: 102000Won(KRW)
*Color/Version: Any
*Size: Any
*Wished part: All inclusions of each album
*Rest?: Discard it
*More Details: All inclusion is including 6 film photos, 18 photocards, 18 luggage stickers, and there will be an extra 8 special photocards (outside the albums). This is the total for all 6 albums, in each album there should be 1 film photo, 3 photocards and 3 luggage stickers. Each set of three albums will come with 4 special photocards, so there will be 8 special photocards altogether! I would also like to have 3 CDs – purple, red and blue. Thank you.

[Payment Details]
*Service Charge: 15.22
*Payment Method: K-Cargo Wallet

[when the service request is completed]
*Request Status will be updated to ‘Completed’ with email notification.

[Order Status]
2021-09-19 14:26:35 – Pending Payment

27/09/2021 12:38:46 – Processing

14.10.2021 12:59:45 – Completed
This order has been successfully completed.

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